Would you like to change your distance or name? That’s possible until midnight on 10 March 2023 via Afterwards any changes are only possible at the following times:

  • Friday 31 March from 12:00 to 19:00 in Oudenaarde (for the 75km, 144km, 179km and 235 km)
  • Saturday 1 April from 07:00 in Oudenaarde (for the 75km, 144km and 179km)
  • Saturday 1 April from 07:00 in Bruges (for the 235 km).

Distance change

  1. First collect your starter pack or bring the pack you received at home.
  2. Have your distance changed at the stand ‘change of name/distance’. Changing to a shorter distance is free.

If you change from the 235km to a shorter distance, you will start in Oudenaarde.
For a change from a shorter to a longer distance the difference in price will be charged.
If you change from the 75km, 144km or 179km to the 235km, you will start in Bruges.

Name change

  1. First collect the starter pack with the confirmation email of the person whose registration you are taking over, or bring the starter pack of the original participant.
  2. Change the personal data at the stand ‘change of name/distance’.

Don’t forget to bring your ID. For a name change an administration fee of € 5 will be charged on site.